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she/her. Writes for fun, UX for a living. Older writings at, UX portfolio at


  • Elisabeth Woodfield

    Elisabeth Woodfield

    @GirlsGlobe blogger. @Half Ambassador. @EmpowerMali. U.S. Delegate @Girls20Summit. Rep @RedThreadNepal. Advocate for #womenandgirls. Runner.

  • Katrina Uy

    Katrina Uy

    BU '16 studying journalism & psychology, @dailyfreepress blog editor, ENFP, sass master, nerd. There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do.

  • Arif Ahmed

    Arif Ahmed

    Mobile and Web expert, Excellent Front End Developer. Expertise iPhone/Android & Web Application design.

  • Amy Christensen

    Amy Christensen

  • Dao Vuong

    Dao Vuong

    #Peace #Love #Freedom == #DaoIsTheWay

  • Baianat Interaction

    Baianat Interaction

  • Herb Scribner

    Herb Scribner

    Staff writer, Self-published author of 11 books. Soccer fan. Constant reader. Writer. I believe in the grind and the hustle.

  • Akshay Palve

    Akshay Palve

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